Walking Casino and Games
The best way to start your event, or to end it, those Mini Casino tables and games will come directly to your guests and are a great ice breaker to make people interact while having fun. No worries about the size of the rooms, no worries if your event is outside, we will follow you everywhere to entertain you !
Our animation staff will be here to explain you the basics and play with you !
If you’re not into gambling, we also have many other games, for adults but also for kids. Discover our wide range of games, “Jurassic Catch”, “Star Wars shooting Range”, “Pétanque”, “Basket-Ball”, “ByeKitty”, “Truth or Darts”, and many more ability or memory games !
Looking forward to entertain you !
Hence, kids will be able to choose in our books the make-up they want, from Animals to Princess or Super Hero. Our products are allergy free and easy to wash away.